2018 PRIDE with Syracuse Guerrilla Gay Bar

Polish your ruby slippers, Carol. We’re going to March in the parade! We are so excited to partner with 1911 and Dinosaur BBQ to bring you CNY Pride, Guerrilla Gay Bar style!

All you need to do is reach into your piggy bank and pull out a measly $5 to help cover registration and GLITTER BUDGET. Give it to the SIGN UP BETCH at the next Guerrilla Gay Bar (MAY 24) and you’ll get the first ever Syracuse Guerrilla Gay Bar T-SHIRT (or shit) and a chance to win a night with Kevin Bailey wearing nipple pasties (unconfirmed).

**If you can’t come to May GGB (shame on you) then there will be another way to sign up! Stay tuned. Working on that now.

Here’s the agenda for June 16th
• Meet in the morning – we don’t know when or where yet, but you’re used to that by now, right?
• March, Dance, Sashay, Chant, Dance, Sing (Updates of fabulousity to come)
Pride Festival stuff
• 4pm – After Party at Dinosaur BBQ!

More details as they unfold. This just happened and we were TOO excited not to tell everyone.

Love & Inappropriate Touches,
#GGB4LYF (That’s not really a thing)

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